Mission Statement

By understanding and engaging the client’s needs, AMC Europe Ltd assures
companies exceed their event and hospitality objectives.

                    Quality Management Statement

Now in its 6th year of trading, AMC Europe Ltd is providing expert event management to a wide spectrum of companies across many business sectors.

To strive to exceed our clients expectations at all times we use the following practices:

1. Every event receives over 80% response for customer satisfaction surveys.

2. Every event has a training manual and full brief for all staff and third party               suppliers. Each manual contains quality objectives, company values, mission           statement and company vision.

3. All suppliers are interviewed, all sites are visited and all menus tasted before the     full itinerary is confirmed.

4. Price comparisons are made quarterly to ensure that the best prices are past           onto clients.

5. Overseas employees receive language training, hospitality staff are trained on         all aspects of the event, telephone training for all staff, skill development courses     are offered to full-time employees

6. Our complaint process is quick and transparent. Each complaint is dealt with by       the relevant event manager within 72 hours.

7. Commitment to internal communications via regular departmental meetings,             project update meetings, shared event status reports, two-way project reporting       with clients and suppliers.

8. Annual review of internal processes investigating timesaving software and               streamlining projects.

9. Staff motivation by regular social events, incentive programmes and project             bonus scheme.

All staff are responsible for ensuring quality is at the core of the companies culture and that each client is guaranteed the same high standards of service.